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Monday, August 23, 2004

Swift boat vets for four more years of inept strategery
This article is worth 5 minutes of your time...

In honoring of Google's recent IPO and my reviving of this blog, I will now type a string of words to see if I can come up on some sorry bastard's search engine adventure....

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I love this time of the year. Time to buy highlighters and notebooks that will never get marked in. Time to enjoy that sliver of the school year before the stress kicks in and destroys the fun. I'm going to use this opportunity to air some some grudges I have against law school and the legal profession in general in a list entitled...

Things I call bullshit on

1. Being a dick- Saturday night I attended the last night of 1L orientation luau. The beer and lousy cocktails were flowing and all things considered it was a pretty cordial, enjoyable atmosphere. Hours into the night, a 1L, who had previously creeped out my girlfriend, decided that it was now time to ask me my class rank. I replied simply that was not polite conversation. He replied that he needed to know so could decide whether he should respect me on not. That's the penultimate example of being a dick in law school, but lesser things happen all the time, which leads me to my next point.

2. Thinking you are better than other people- I couldn't care less how high your rank is, how big your firms is or what journal you are or aren't on. Sure a relatively small amount of employers care, but anyone who judges someone on a personal level on these criteria should be bludgeoned repeatedly with a con law casebook then shot.

3. Being paranoid about getting a job- Literally a handful of people coming out of this unnamed top 20 school don't get jobs each year. We're not all going to work at Skadden, but no one is going to be homeless either. Get over it. There is no sense in complaining to people that you don't think you are going to get a job, in the end it you just sound like a whiny asshole.

4. Thinking being a lawyer makes you better than non-professionals- We're in trade school right now. Becoming a lawyer at its basis isn't too different than becoming a licensed plumber, electrician, etc. Sure it is a lot more difficult to get into law school and we may make more, but in the end we are no better or worse. Don't forget that.

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